Winter is here!

Condensation on my window.

I woke up with a runny nose, and to a fogged up window which is a good a sign as any.

Stepped outside to get a good dose of the sun and marveled at how beautiful and blue the sky looked. (Seriously, look at it. ^) There were also two pigeons perched on our now bare nectarine tree, enjoying the nice morning, but when I tried to take a picture of them they flew away. Boo. 😦

Anyway, onto blogging business! Winter is the perfect time for reading so I’ve decided to participate in the Winter Reading Challenge formed by the Aussie Reader’s group on Goodreads. The challenge is below:

1… Spell it Out! Read 6 books whose titles spell out WINTER. Don’t count the, a, and an.

2… Read a NEW RELEASE which is published in JUNE, JULY or AUGUST 2015

3… For International Children’s Day choose a YOUNG ADULT title by an AUSSIE author

4… Choose a book written by an AUSSIE author who is independently published – an AUSSIE INDIE AUTHOR

5… From your OWNED TBR books choose one SPECULATIVE FICTION, one HISTORICAL FICTION and one MYSTERY for JUNE, JULY and AUGUST (to be read in your month of choice!)

I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to complete the challenge as I’ve got loads of other books on my TBR list, but I’ll give it a shot. It’d be a good chance for me to dig into more books written by Aussie writers — something I haven’t done enough of.

Winter, for me, is also the time for reminiscing, so I’ve decided to start a new thing where I look back at the books that hold a special place in my heart. Books that changed me and shaped me.  They’ll be split up by the three different sections of my life so far:

  1. JUNE – Primary school
  2. JULY – High School
  3. AUGUST – University

I’m predicting it’ll be a fun and emotional ride, especially for the books in my earlier years. I’ve decided to post these on Fridays instead of the usual book review because I realised I’m unable to commit to posting two (the other on Monday) per week. I may still post a review on Fridays depending on my schedule.


Happy winter (or summer) and happy reading!

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