I read it first!

So there I was, a few months ago, casually browsing through YouTube, when this ad for a new movie coming out played before the video:

I literally watched the trailer again and again, in disbelief, because I thought to myself, in no way could this be for one of my favourite thriller novels of all time. But it was! And I sat there in both shock and extreme excitement.




When I read this mid-2014, I remember being so impressed by the book. I’d just gotten into spy thrillers and read a bit of le Carré but it was only until I read Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews that I felt moved by a book of this genre. Let’s just say that my foray into spy thrillers was short-lived because I felt that I’d already read the best that the genre could offer, and I never picked up another of the same kind ever again. Haha.


Seeing the trailer for the movie reminded me of the bandwagon thing that comes with books.


For me, it always comes with a bag of mixed emotions:

  • There always a part of me that can’t help but feel salty, for lack of better description, because hellooo, I’ve been raving about this since (x) but no-one listened to me. Why does it have to take mainstream media for people to be interested in something?
  • I read it first! It’s mine! When I discover a good read such as this, the other part of me wants to keep it to myself. Like my own bit of happiness that only I can have.
  • It’s a good thing! The sad truth is not all good things can rely on the power of their goodness alone for the rest of the world to see it (this applies to a lot of things, not just books). Sometimes you need that extra push for the rest of the world to appreciate it for what it is. The more people that know about it, the better! And hey, who am I to want to keep it away from everyone? 😛

I think I’ll have to read the book before I watch the film to refresh my memory. I’m unsure about the casting of Jennifer Lawrence, but for now I’ll reserve my judgements and wait for the movie to hit the theatres here.

Have you ever read a book and loved it, and raved about it, only for it to fall on deaf or uninterested ears? And then to have that book be in the mainstream spotlight years down the road, with people suddenly becoming really interested in it?

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